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                    Jiangsu Liang Teng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research and production as one of professional design and manufacture of polyurethane equipment. The company's main products LPUG-2 series high-pressure foaming machine, LPU-2 series low pressure foaming machine, HD-ring type assembly line, automatic disc production lines, LPU-2B Series polyurethane Disu machine equipment.
                    The company has strong research and development capabilities and manufacturing capacity. We have a group of more than ten years in the production of polyurethane first line of engineering and technical personnel. Years. Continuous product development and transformation, so that product quality improvement, and can withstand the test of different users. And praise of users. At the same time the company also offers a range of production technology. Such as: polyurethane raw materials, molds, and production process. Ensure that users supporting the production well, avoid customer worries.
                    Secondly, the company also has polyurethane products manufacturing sector, specifically for the production of various types of polyurethane foam products. Especially difficult is willing to undertake all types of high-tech products. China welcomes the new and old customers to come to my company to discuss cooperation.

                    Liang Tang is a research and production as one of professional manufacture of polyurethane equipment business.

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