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                    [ 2015-05-09 ] Raw material composition and structure of the polyurethane foam machine
                    Today we'll take a look at the composition of the raw material of polyurethane foam machine, as well as understand the equipment structure foaming machine is how to understand these, help us to better use it. Now we learn next!
                    [ 2015-05-09 ] The foaming machine principle and filter the pneumatic formwork
                    Foam machine name implies, is used for foaming device work, but it works a lot of people are not very understanding, today we have to give you a brief introduction to its use principle.
                    [ 2015-05-09 ] Disc pipeline recommend using high-pressure foaming machine
                    High pressure foaming machine plays an important rolemodern production, it can not only improve the operating efficiency of modern production, and a new breakthrough...
                    [ 2015-05-09 ] Composition structure and characteristics of hydraulic die
                    With the continuous development of modern processing technology, more and more advanced products made of broad progress. Hydraulic mold, high-pressure foaming machine and steering wheel are all pneumatic mold representatives of the times,

                    Liang Tang is a research and production as one of professional manufacture of polyurethane equipment business.

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